MOLGENIS cloud infrastructure


We work with a Virtual Machine cloud. See MolgenisServersFaq.

List of servers

  • Most Virtual Machines are located in the domain. For some there are more beautiful DNS entries...
  • Apache runs on port 80 and 443
  • Molgenis runs on port 8080 (either via Tomcat or standalone)
  • SSH acces via port 22 only from within certain UMCG/RUG subnets
  • MySQL access only on localhost
  • Servers are automatically updated daily at 4am
  • Backups are running daily at 3am
  • Test/Acceptance/Production servers are automatically rebooted weekly on Monday 06:30/11:00/16:00
Server Access DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis01 public (deprecated)
Molgenis Integration server Dennis production
molgenis02 public BBMRI-ERIC Directory - Negotiator Demo Mark / Fleur acceptance
molgenis03 public (deprecated)
COL7A1 Bart / Joeri production
molgenis04 public (deprecated)
Decon2 Fleur production
molgenis05 private (deprecated)
VKGL Bart / Dennis production
molgenis06 private (deprecated)
Samplesheets NGS_DNA/RNA Roan / Gerben / Marieke Production
molgenis07 public (deprecated)
ARVC Vd Zwaag Bart acceptance
molgenis08 private (deprecated)
Chromosome6 RC6-tool Mark / Mariska production
molgenis09 public (deprecated)
Molgenis Demo server Mark Production
Server Access DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis10 private (deprecated)
RD-Connect Sample Catalogue David / Mark / Marieke Production
molgenis11 public (deprecated)
WordPress Pieter production
molgenis12 public (deprecated)
lncRNA Explorer Eric demo
molgenis13 - (deprecated)
Glia Open Access Database (GOAD) Dennis acceptance
molgenis14 public
IBD Marieke / Mariska Acceptance
molgenis15 public GoNL DB Joeri production
molgenis15 public (deprecated)
Some datasets need to be removed before recycling - -
molgenis16 public (deprecated) (deprecated)
Palga Acceptance David Acceptance
molgenis17 public
molgenis-connect server Chao Production
molgenis18 public (deprecated)
LifeLines Dennis production
molgenis19 public (deprecated)
SORTA Chao Production
Server Access DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis20 public (deprecated)
GAVIN Joeri Fleur Bart production
molgenis21 - (deprecated)
Production BBMRI eric Mariska Production
molgenis22 public (deprecated)
Human Pathway DBs Miranda production
molgenis23 public SORTA RD/connect Chao / David production
molgenis24 public (deprecated)
BiobankConnect Chao production
molgenis25 public (deprecated)
MVID Joeri / Pieter production
molgenis26 private (deprecated)
Static data release downloads Morris / Joeri production
molgenis27 public
Gene Network Juha & Patrick Production
molgenis28 public
Voedingsdagboek et al. / Celiac Research Martijn production
molgenis29 public
C2Cards Human Miranda production
Server Access DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis30 private (deprecated)
HFGP acceptance Fleur acceptance
molgenis31 public (deprecated)
Selenium test Mark test
molgenis32 private (deprecated)
IBD (cleaned up data storage) Mariska/ Floris acceptance
molgenis33 public (deprecated)
CHD7 Acceptance Bart/Marieke? Acceptance
molgenis34 private (deprecated)
Opal Chao production
molgenis35 public (deprecated)
Can be recycled - -
molgenis36 private (deprecated)
LifeLines acceptance Dennis acceptance
molgenis37 public (deprecated)
WormQTL-HD Joeri production
molgenis38 public
WormQTL beta/mirror and SAILS app Joeri test and production
molgenis39 public (deprecated)
RNA seq analysis Freerk / Niek / Mark / Fleur test
Server Access DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis40 - (deprecated)
IBD (cleaned up data storage) with 8GB RAM Floris/ Mariska Production
molgenis41 public (deprecated)
ARVC/D Bart production
molgenis42 public
COL7A1 Bart / Marieke Acceptance
molgenis43 public Gavin Bart / Fleur / Joeri acceptation
molgenis44 - (deprecated)
To be recycled - -
molgenis45 private (deprecated)
GIDS Dennis production
molgenis46 public (deprecated)
Public HFGP server Mark Production
molgenis47 private (deprecated)
Genetics catalogue Marieke Production
molgenis48 private? (deprecated)
Diagnostic Platform for Clinical Genomics Joeri Acceptance
molgenis49 public (deprecated)
test BBMRI-NL catalogue promise integration Dennis acceptance
Server Access DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis50 public (deprecated)
Jenkins Continuous Integration Server Dennis production
molgenis51 public (deprecated)
CHD7 Bart Production
molgenis52 - (deprecated)
To be recycled - -
molgenis53 public (deprecated)
AIP Mutation server Bart Production
molgenis54 public (deprecated)
GENIUS database Freerk / Joeri Test
molgenis55 private (deprecated)
pathologie Marieke Production
molgenis56 public (deprecated)
ASE Mark Production
molgenis57 private (deprecated)
5GPM Bart & Joeri Acceptance
molgenis58 public? (deprecated)
Gene Network Juha Karjalainen production
molgenis59 public? (deprecated)
Acceptance server for multiple projects Marieke Acceptance
Server Access DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis60 public (deprecated) (deprecated) (deprecated)
NIPD Fleur production
molgenis61 - (deprecated)
IBD private production Mariska Production
molgenis62 public (deprecated)
1. Restore Backup's
2. Use as test server for release
Apps Team test
molgenis63 public (deprecated)
Diagnostics platform demo server Bart Demo
molgenis64 private (deprecated)
5GPM Bart & Joeri Production
molgenis65 - (deprecated)
Family tree Marieke/ Sipko Nu nog in productie, straks recycle
molgenis66 public (deprecated)
WormQTL Joeri Production
molgenis67 public (deprecated)
xQTL Joeri Production
molgenis68 public (deprecated)
PALGA David / Dennis production
molgenis69 private (deprecated)
Chromosome6 Mark Production
Server Access DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis70 - LifeCycle? Demo Sido - -
molgenis71 public
BiobankUniverse Chao Production
molgenis72 public
BiobankUniverse Chao Acceptance
molgenis73 private?
Consentabase (Pulmonary dept.) Marieke Acceptance
molgenis74 private?
SNP Visualization Diagnostics Mariska Test
molgenis75 private
Dev REST API test server Mariska Test
molgenis76 public
CNV catalogue Marieke/ Patrick Production
molgenis77 public
E-rare Mariska Production
molgenis78 public
BBMRI WP2 Mariska Test
molgenis79 private
Project Harm (Shiny web tool) Marieke/ Harm Productie
Server Access DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis80 public
RD connect 3.0 acceptance Mariska Acceptance
molgenis81 -
Temporarily used for testing error messages Marieke Test
molgenis82 public
E-rare Mariska acceptance
molgenis83 public Molgenis research Joeri -
molgenis84 -
RD connect Mariska,David Acceptance
molgenis85 -
VKGL with version history Bart Demo
molgenis86 - BBMRI-ERIC Directory development Mariska Test
molgenis87 -
To be recycled - -
molgenis88 - LifeCycle? Marieke Acceptance
molgenis89 -
LifeCycle? Demo Sido - -
Server Access DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis90 private
HSR production Marieke / Carin Production
molgenis91 private
HSR acceptance Marieke / Carin Acceptance
molgenis92 private
UMCG catalogue acceptance (on 4.1) Marieke / Carin Acceptance
molgenis93 public
TMF Mariska Acceptance
molgenis94 public
VKGL Mariska Acceptance
molgenis95 public
GoNL Mariska -
molgenis96 private
Samplesheets NGS_DNA/RNA Roan / Gerben / Marieke Acceptance
molgenis97 -
RD connect 4.1 acceptance -
molgenis98 private
UMCG catalogue production (on 4.1) Marieke / Carin Production
molgenis99 -
SSL certificates seem invalid: - -
Server Access DNS Alias App Contact DTAP - Familiy tree Sipko/ Marieke production public BiobankConnect Chao test public - - - public VKGL acceptance Acceptance Mariska private NGS_DNA_Bootstrapping Analysis Team Test public Reserved for Elastic beats - acceptance public Reserved for Elastic beats - production public GDIO database Sipko/ Marieke acceptance public - - - public BBMRI-ERIC Directory acceptance server David / Marieke Acceptatie
Server Access DNS Alias App Contact DTAP public Molgenis datamanagement server Marieke / Mariska / Paul Proiduction public - - - - Lost in action contact D|T|A|P public MOLGENIS API tests Mariska,Connor Test
molgenis114 -
Reserved for BBMRI ERIC PoC app demo Biobankweek Mariska Acceptance
molgenis115 -
Cluster management Analysis team Test
molgenis116 public
Global Screening Array Dennis / Joeri Acceptance
Server Access DNS Alias App Contact DTAP private Energysense Mark Production private Energysense Mark Acceptance private
PROOF / TMA Marieke Acceptance NA proxy Pieter Production NA proxy Pieter Production NA HPC UI Pieter Testing NA repos Pieter Production NA umcg-scheduler03 HPC scheduler Pieter Acceptance NA umcg-scheduler02 HPC scheduler Pieter Production NA HPC UI Pieter Acceptance NA repos Pieter Production
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