MOLGENIS cloud infrastructure


We work with a Virtual Machine cloud. See MolgenisServersFaq.

List of servers

  • Most Virtual Machines are located in the domain. For some there are more beautiful DNS entries...
  • Apache runs on port 80 and 443
  • Molgenis runs on port 8080 (either via Tomcat or standalone)
  • SSH acces via port 22 only from within certain UMCG/RUG subnets
  • MySQL access only on localhost
  • Servers are automatically updated daily at 4am
  • Test/Acceptance/Production servers are automatically rebooted weekly on Monday 05:00/11:00/16:00
Server DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis01 (deprecated)
Molgenis Integration server Dennis production
molgenis02 (deprecated)
BBMRI Directory - Negotiator Demo Mark / Fleur acceptance
molgenis03 (deprecated)
COL7A1 Bart / Joeri production
molgenis04 (deprecated)
Decon2 Fleur production
molgenis05 (deprecated)
VKGL Demo Bart / Dennis production
molgenis06 (deprecated)
GAF list importer Roan / Gerben acceptance
molgenis07 (deprecated)
ARVC Vd Zwaag Bart acceptance
molgenis08 (deprecated)
Chromosome6 RC6-tool Mark / Mariska production
molgenis09 (deprecated)
Molgenis Demo server Mark Production
Server DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis10 (deprecated)
RD-Connect Sample Catalogue David / Mark / Marieke Production
molgenis11 (deprecated)
WordPress Pieter production
molgenis12 (deprecated)
lncRNA Explorer Eric demo
molgenis13 (deprecated)
Kaisa & Niina Chao, Dennis acceptance
BBMRI Catalogue David production
molgenis15 GoNL DB Joeri production
molgenis15 (deprecated)
GoNL data releases Pieter production
molgenis16 (deprecated) (deprecated)
Palga Acceptance David Acceptance
molgenis-connect server Chao Production
molgenis18 (deprecated)
LifeLines Dennis production
molgenis19 (deprecated)
SORTA Chao Production
Server DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis20 (deprecated)
GAVIN Joeri Fleur Bart production
molgenis21 (deprecated)
RD-Connect Sample Catalogue David & Dennis Acceptance
molgenis22 (deprecated)
Human Pathway DBs Miranda production
molgenis23 SORTA RD/connect Chao / David production
molgenis24 (deprecated)
BiobankConnect Chao production
molgenis25 (deprecated)
MVID Joeri / Pieter production
molgenis26 (deprecated)
Static data release downloads Morris / Joeri production
Gene Network Juha & Patrick Production
Voedingsdagboek et al. / Celiac Research Martijn production
C2Cards Human Miranda production
Server DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis30 (deprecated)
500FG Edith / Fleur acceptance
molgenis31 (deprecated)
Selenium test Mark test
molgenis32 (deprecated)
IBD Fleur production
molgenis33 (deprecated)
CHD7 Production (legacy version) Joeri / Bart Acceptance
molgenis34 (deprecated)
Opal Chao production
molgenis35 (deprecated)
BBMRI-ERIC production Tommy production
molgenis36 (deprecated)
LifeLines acceptance Dennis acceptance
molgenis37 (deprecated)
WormQTL-HD Joeri production
molgenis38 (deprecated)
WormQTL beta/mirror Joeri test
molgenis39 (deprecated)
RNA seq analysis Freerk / Niek / Mark / Fleur test
Server DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis40 (deprecated)
INFEVER database Joeri acceptance
molgenis41 (deprecated)
ARVC/D Bart production
molgenis42 (deprecated)
COL7A1 Bart / Joeri old production (used for reference), future acceptance
molgenis43 Gavin Bart / Fleur / Joeri acceptation
molgenis44 (deprecated)
TIFN production Dennis production
molgenis45 (deprecated)
GIDS Dennis production
molgenis46 (deprecated)
Public HFGP server Mark / Edith Production
molgenis47 (deprecated)
Genetics catalogue Marieke Production
molgenis48 (deprecated)
Diagnostic Platform for Clinical Genomics Joeri Acceptance
molgenis49 (deprecated)
test BBMRI-NL catalogue promise integration Dennis acceptance
Server DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis50 (deprecated)
Jenkins Continuous Integration Server Dennis production
molgenis51 (deprecated)
CHD7 Bart Production
molgenis52 (deprecated)
TMF / Deutsches Biobanken-Register Marieke, Mariska, David Acceptance
molgenis53 (deprecated)
AIP Mutation server Bart Production
molgenis54 (deprecated)
GENIUS database Freerk / Joeri Test
molgenis55 (deprecated)
pathologie Marieke Production
molgenis56 (deprecated)
ASE Mark Production
molgenis57 (deprecated)
5GPM Bart & Joeri Acceptance
molgenis58 (deprecated)
Gene Network Juha Karjalainen production
molgenis59 (deprecated)
BBMRI-NL catalogue acceptance Tommy Acceptance
Server DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
molgenis60 (deprecated) (deprecated) (deprecated)
NIPD Fleur production
molgenis61 (deprecated)
- - -
molgenis62 (deprecated)
1. Restore Backup's
2. Use as test server for release
Apps Team test
molgenis63 (deprecated)
Diagnostics platform demo server Bart Demo
molgenis64 (deprecated)
5GPM Bart & Joeri Production
molgenis65 (deprecated)
IBD new OMX Dennis / Floris Acceptance
molgenis66 (deprecated)
WormQTL Joeri Production
molgenis67 (deprecated)
xQTL Joeri Production
molgenis68 (deprecated)
PALGA David / Dennis production
molgenis69 (deprecated)
Chromosome6 Edith / Mark Production
Server DNS Alias App Contact DTAP
Glia Open Access Database (GOAD) Dennis acceptance
BiobankConnect Chao
BiobankConnect Chao
Pulmonary department Marieke/ Edith Acceptance
NKI Mariska Test
HUB Mariska Test
CNV catalogue Marieke/ Edith/ Patrick Production
E-rare Mariska Production
BBMRI WP2 Mariska Test
Reserved for IBD Marieke Acceptance
- Marieke -
- Marieke -
- Marieke -
Server DNS Alias App Contact DTAP app contact T|A|P BiobankConnect Chao test Autobetes Martijn Production chromstaR Fleur / Aaron test NGS_DNA_Bootstrapping Analysis Team Test VKGL molgenis test U Bram / Pieter test NGS_Image Freerk / George Test M3R Chao Test Selenium test server Fleur Test BBMRI-ERIC 3.0 acceptance server David / Marieke Acceptatie VKGL molgenis test G Bram / Pieter test Diagnostics Portal (MOLGENIS+GeneNetwork) Joeri & Bart Test app contact D|T|A|P Autobetes Martijn Test
Server DNS Alias App Contact DTAP Energysense Mark / Edith Production Energysense Mark / Edith Acceptance
PROOF / TMA Edith Acceptance proxy Pieter Production proxy Pieter Production HPC UI Pieter Testing repos Pieter Production umcg-scheduler03 HPC scheduler Pieter Acceptance umcg-scheduler02 HPC scheduler Pieter Production HPC UI Pieter Acceptance repos Pieter Production
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